My Placenta Pills

In my previous posts about placenta encapsulation, I talked about the benefits of encapsulating the placenta. Now I’ll talk about my personal experience.

My doula came to the hospital as soon as I was settled into my postpartum room. We chatted for a few minutes, then off she went with my placenta in a cooler. Once the pills were done (the next day) she brought them back to the hospital with instructions for use. She had also taken a piece of the umbilical cord and formed it into a heart. It was so touching!

She told me I had a beautiful, healthy placenta, and I had to agree. Who would have ever thought I’d be so excited to look at an organ my body made :)

Placenta Edited

When I got home from the hospital, I started taking my pills as instructed. Many women say they are able to tell a difference in milk production from one child to another, based on if they had placenta pills or not. Since Nora is obviously my first child, I had nothing to compare my experience to. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of milk I produced.

I also noticed I felt like my emotions (and hormones) were well controlled. I was in a great mood and didn’t ever feel those baby blues. Could it have been a placebo effect? Sure, but who cares if it was or not, as long as I felt like something positive was happening. In the weeks following my delivery, I took  a few placenta pills every time I started to feel my mood slip a little. I noticed great results and was thankful that I had them available.

Unfortunately, I had to temporarily stop taking my placenta pills when I developed a terrible case of mastitis. My doula recommended I stop them until I was better, as the pills can drive the infection deeper into the body. I waited until I had rid myself of the mastitis and resumed taking my pills.

Placenta Pills

I popped the extras in the freezer for emergencies. Placenta pills can be saved for when a woman goes through menopause and can help with the unpleasant symptoms associated with that life change. I’m also wondering if they would be beneficial when I get my first postpartum period. I know many women have a big dip in their milk supply, and I worry about that since my freezer stash of pumped milk is nonexistent. Luckily I’m still waiting on Aunt Flo to appear, so I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it.

Overall, I had an extremely positive experience with my placenta pills, and I will definitely have them done with all future births. How about you? Is this something you’ve done or something you would do? What benefit interests you the most?

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