Currently – Feeling.Missing.Running.Visiting.Cooking

One of my blogger friends shared this weekly meme with me. What a great way for me to mix it up a bit around here! I love the name of the host blog, Harvesting Kale. How fun is that?!

Without further ado…

I’m currently FEELING nostalgic. My sweet little princess turned 6 months young today and I’m in awe of how fast those 6 months flew by. I love how her personality is coming out more and more but boy, I can’t believe she is such a little person now and not just a baby. Of course she’s still a baby, but I feel like she is growing up so fast. I cried a few times this week leading up to today and as we laid in bed tonight, with her sweet little hand on my chest as she drifted off to sleep, I shed a few more tears. I feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy little girl!

I’m currently MISSING sleep! Nora has been not sleeping so great lately so it’s been a little rough. She was going through a great period where I could put her down for naps and was sleeping better at night as well. She’s back to that sleep regression and I’m feeling it for sure! I keep reminding myself that this is just another phase and she’ll pass through it (hopefully!) soon. It doesn’t help that she’s in a Wonder Week Leap and may be teething.

I’m currently RUNNING around like a mad woman! Now that Nora is crawling (yes, she is crawling!) I’m running after her even more. I’ll set her in the living room, turn around to do one thing in the kitchen, turn back around and she’s all the way across the floor. It is now officially time to baby proof everything!

I’m currently VISITING with new friends. I went to a La Leche League meeting this week and met some really nice new moms. I also joined my local Holistic Moms Network recently and love chatting with like minded mamas. One woman was even kind enough to pass on her woven wrap to me, completely free of charge! I was so touched by her generosity and I’m looking for a way that I can pay it forward to someone soon.

I’m currently COOKING lots of yummy stuff! I did great with my menu planning (and following through on cooking) this past week and I need to keep it going. I made enchiladas; tomato/basil chicken; sloppy lentils; my delicious fig/feta/bacon/maple syrup pizza and tomato/basil/corn pie. Now I need to plan some new recipes and get to the grocery store!

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4 Responses to “Currently – Feeling.Missing.Running.Visiting.Cooking”

  1. Caz Stone says:

    Nostalgia has been a huge factor in my parenting…my girl is 18 now and I still get those moments, and still feel absolutely blessed that she’s healthy and happy.
    Caz Stone recently posted..I want to believe in everything you believeMy Profile

  2. Alissa says:

    I cooked lentils for the first time this week. I made curried lentils with red peppers and onions and served it with broiled organic salmon. They were so good! I need to start cooking with them more I think.
    Alissa recently posted..Toys and Burgers – All the Makings of a Perfect WeekendMy Profile

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